What makes up the perfect party? Is it the drinks? The refreshments? Or maybe the guest list? While these are all certainly factors in whether your bash is a smash, another element can take things up a notch: the introduction of a hot tub!

You might expect that the shindig practically throws itself once you announce you’re having a hot tub party. However, many considerations go into planning and executing the perfect hot tub party. Here are the top tips for ensuring guests make a splash on the scene rather than a mad dash for the exit.

Carefully Choose the Date and Time

Before you land on a date, ask yourself who you’re inviting and what their schedules are like. You want people to show up, and people will probably want to come, so give everyone the best chance of making that happen! 

This careful planning also includes being aware of the weather. If you’re having your hot tub party outside, be careful not to schedule it on a day you expect storms.

Get Your Hot Tub Ready

Just as you would fluff your pillows or hide random bits of laundry in the closet before guests arrive, you want to spend time preparing your hot tub for your guests. This means thoroughly cleaning it, including balancing the chemicals. Your friends and family want and deserve some pristine water, at least to start with, so let that be your primary goal. 

You should also tweak the temperature to the perfect warm-but-not-too-hot number that will be most people’s sweet spot. Start with around 100 degrees Fahrenheit and determine the comfiest temperature from there. 

Preparing the hot tub also means having enough towels for everyone — maybe even having a towel warmer ready for an extra bit of unexpected luxury after those late-night dips when it gets chillier.

Set Up a Hydration Station

hydration station

Hydration is vital if you’re soaking in a hot tub, so set out beverages that encourage your guests to drink up. 

It’s really easy to forget to hydrate, and it’s even more likely that some guests won’t even think they have to. But having water easily accessible and letting guests know to make liberal use of it is absolutely essential to throw the safest hot tub party possible. It’s even more crucial if you’re planning to serve alcohol since that can further dehydrate you.

Make Safety a Priority

It’s no fun playing hall monitor during your own hot tub party. Still, safety needs to be an emphasis if you want things to go well. Your best bet is to set ground rules during the invitation. You might want to include time restrictions, rules for children using the hot tub, and clues for your guests about what to do if they suspect heat exhaustion. 

Prepare the Refreshments

Moving on to the more party-centric tips — what about refreshments? Any good party will have them, but you might want to be more choosy about your choices for a hot tub party. 

For example, you might opt for easy-to-eat appetizers or finger foods that won’t make a mess around the hot tub. Remember to serve a variety of beverages, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. And have fun with it — maybe go with a themed cocktail or appetizer just for kicks!

Keep Things Cozy

cozy outdoor setting with patio furniture, pillows and fireplace

Focus on creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere. This might mean creating a certain ambiance with lighting and decorations, or it could mean keeping your guests cozy in the literal sense with enough seating. Blankets and pillows are fantastic for when the temperatures drop, as are fire pits or patio heaters. Guests can gather around these heat sources to stay warm and make memories after a nice soak in the hot tub.

Perfect Party Planning Starts With the Perfect Spa

The last hot tip for throwing the perfect hot tub party is to have the perfect hot tub! New England Spas carries an extensive array of tubs with exciting features and even better prices. Shop with us today or reach out to our team to learn more about our selection. We’d be happy to assist in your quest to find the right spa to throw the most memorable parties in the neighborhood!