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All Spa Brands FAQs

Ozone humming is normal. It is the vibration of ozone being sucked through the Mazzi Injector.

If winterizing the hot tub: follow detailed steps in Owner’s Manual or contact our store for assistance. Damage caused to your spa by improper winterizing is NOT covered by your spas’ warranty. New England Spas offers a Winterizing and Un-Winterizing service. As the months get colder NES may not be able to complete this service. We recommend you consider and schedule a call prior to November 30th.

To minimize airlocks in the equipment follow these steps below and turn hose on. This will fill the tub through the heater, pumps, and jets pushing most of the air out of the lines.

  • HotSpring/Limelight/HotSpot/Tiger River Spas: put hose down the center of the gray standpipe in the filter compartment.
  • Sundance Spas: take out the filter(s) and put the hose into.
    • the opening on the side wall of the filter compartment (if an 780, 880, or 980 series hot tub)
    • the filter bucket open (at the bottom of the filter well)
  • Fill the spa to the top of the highest jets.
    • For 240v spas, turn on the 20 amp breaker and run jets 10 mins, then turn on the 30 amp breaker and continue to run jets 30 min.
    • For 120v spas, plug in and immediately turn on jets for 10 minutes. Either way, turn the diverter handle(if applicable)slowly 360° (Vista, Grandee GG version, Grandee CC version, Envoy, Siberian, Caspian, Pulse, Flair & Glow models, turn on the 30 amp breaker first, run jets for 10 mins, then the 20amp)

If the hot tub has no power, or is not heating:

Hot Spring Spas: Place a droplight with a 60 or 75-watt bulb inside the access panel over pump one. (Facing control panel, usually behind right wooden section)

Sundance Spas: Place a small, UL listed, space heater into the main equipment area on LOW HEAT, HIGH FAN.

In both cases, make sure neither the drop light or space heater is not touching any components, wires, or insulation and replace the cabinet panel to the best of your ability. Leave the hot tub cover on and fastened to retain as much heat as possible.

Make sure:

  • The water is at a level which covers all of the jets (making sure not to touch the pillow, or overfill). This affects the water flow through the heater.
  • The filter has been cleaned within the last four weeks by soaking it in Filter Clean (if applicable) and that filter is not older than 18 months. In order to test whether or not the filter is the cause of a no-heat situation.
    • Turn the power off at the outside breaker
    • Take out the filter out of the spa (make sure that nothing is floating in the spa that could get sucked into the filter area).
    • After leaving the spa off for 45 minutes, turn the spa back on without the filters in the spa to see if it begins heating.
    • If it begins heating you know it is the filter causing the problem.
  • The controls are set in continuous heat mode and/or programmed for several hours of heating.
  • Is Leisure Time Defender used bi-weekly? This prevents calcium buildup on the heater, which will lead to inefficient heat transfer.
  • Use Spa Cleanse at least once a year, prior to draining, to help remove organic build up in the heater.
  • Sundance Spas: Check mode. When in ‘Economy’ mode, hot tub models will heat only when jets are activated or during filter cycles. If your hot tub is in Standard mode (models between 2003-2020) the hot tub should be heating properly.
  • Hot Spring Spas: Check mode. When in ‘Summer’ mode, hot tub models will heat only when jets are activated or during filter cycles. Some older Tiger River models have heaters with a reset button, refer to owner’s manual for location or other tips.

Shut off the power to the hot tub at the outside breaker for about 45 minutes. Turn the power back on and check the system. Sometimes this “reboot” procedure clears up the problem.

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