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Sundance Spas FAQs

Enabling 60 Amp logic on your Sundance Spa will allow pumps, the air blower and the heater to run simultaneously.
880 Series: Place a jumper on JP9 # 7, located ¾ of the way down on the left side of the circuit board.
780 Series: Place a jumper on JP1 # 5/6, located in the top right corner of the circuit board.

All Sundance models are equipped with a safety feature called “Summer Logic”. This feature turns off the circulation pump when the water temperature in the spa rises to 2 degrees Fahrenheit above the set temperature. This phenomenon can occur in warmer weather because the circulation pump adds heat (while running) through the process of convection. If the ambient air temperature is hot, the water does not cool as quickly and retains the heat for a longer period.

Summer Logic disables the circulation pump and the heater to decrease the spa’s water temperature. If the circulation pump is off (no bubbles), the spa is not heating and appears dead. Fill the spa with cool water and change filter cycles from daytime to evening, when the temperature is cooler. Consider running the air bubbles in the evening’s cooler air-with the cover off, as this will assist in cooling the water.

Turn off the power to the outside breaker for at least 45 minutes, and then turn back on. This will reset the spa.

Turn the power off to the hot tub at the outside breaker: Take out the filter out of the spa (make sure that nothing is floating in the spa that could get sucked into the filter area). After leaving the spa off for 45 minutes turn the spa back on and turn both pumps and air on for 45 minutes.

If the FLO message goes away either replace the filter with a new filter or thoroughly clean your existing (non-disposable) filter. Clean the filter by soaking it in a solution of 16 oz. Filter Clean with 4 gallons of water in a separate container overnight and rinsing with clean water until you see no residue in the rinse water.

If the water has been changed recently and the filter has been cleaned, there may be an air lock. To resolve:

  • Turn off the power at the outside breaker
  • Remove the filter
  • Place a garden hose in the opening where the filter was; this leads into the plumbing.
  • Turn the hose on at full force to dissipate the air bubble.
  • Alternatively, again with the power to the spa turned off, remove the large diverter knob by pulling straight up then loosening the diverter nut to allow the air to dissipate.

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