Medium Lounge Seating

Your Perfect Hot Tub is…

Hot Spring  Highlife Collection


The Aria is the best in spa technology.

“We love this spa! This is the forth spa my wife and I have owned and it’s by far the best. It’s all good. Lights, pumping systems, cover removal system and did I mention you don’t have to keep up with the day to day maintenance do to the salt water system. Another thing is after your done using the spa you don’t feel or smell like a chlorine tablet. Did I mention we love this spa!”

Aria Jet System

The Aria Jet System offers an incredible 35 jets that relieve tension in targeted areas including your back, neck, shoulders and calves.

The Aria offers contemporary design and innovations like the exclusive wireless remote control. As a part of the Highlife Collection, this spa features an insulating hinge seal, 100% no-bypass filtration for cleaner water, the BellaFontana® fountain, and much more.

Other Excellent Hot Tub Options based on your results

Hot Spring Limelight


Surround yourself with soothing jets and style.

With seating for six, the Flair offers great versatility with both a row of open seats and a lounge. There’s generous space for your feet, and jets in the footwell and the lounge help give you a truly relaxing experience.

Hot Spring Hot Spot


There’s plenty of room for a group, or solo soak and enjoy soothing massage from neck to toe.

Sundance 880™ Series


With 7 different types of jets providing any number of types of massage options.