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New England Spas
New England Spas
New England Spas

Drain, Clean, & Refill ($699)*

Old water in the hot tub? Let us do the dirty work. We will drain, clean, and refill the hot tub, as well as clean the
hot tub cover. Startup chemicals and supplies are not included in this cost but we are happy to bring them out at
the time of service.

Two visits are required. The first to pre-treat the spa for deep cleaning and the second to refresh with new water and balanced chemistry. 

Evaluate for Repair ($299)*

If you’re unsure what needs repairing on the hot tub we can help. Doing an evaluation for repair can be a fast way to find out how much work the hot tub needs. We will leave you with an estimated cost for the repairs to find out if this is something worth pursu-
ing. As long as the hot tub is full and has power to the unit we will be able to evaluate what needs to be done.

NEW Customer Orientation ($299)*

Provided on site for your convenience we will go over the water chemistry and hot tub operations (up to 1 hour).

Winterize Service ($599)**

A winterize service is necessary in the late fall and winter months if your client plans to not use the hot tub during that time frame. Simply draining the hot tub will not protect the unit from freeze damage and could turn their investment from something into a whole lot of nothing. We ask that the hot tub remain full so we can evaluate any issues prior to shutting the unit down. This service has limited availability. Service must be performed before weather is consistently under 30 degrees.

Valet Services (Varies)*

Options can be paid for on a monthly basis or pay in full for the year for the best savings.

Platinum: Weekly ($389/ $3,960)

Gold: Bi-Weekly ($249 / $2,499)

Silver: Monthly ($179 / $1,899)

Removal of hot tub ($800-$1500)*

Does the potential buyer want that hot tub GONE? We can help! We need a few pictures of the landscape to see what equipment is needed to make the removal possible (if you cannot provide pictures our team can arrange for a site visit). This service does not include carpentry which may be required.

* Pricing may vary and subject to change without notice

**Limited to HotSpring, Sundance, and Jacuzzi brands

Minimum of two weeks notice required for all services

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