A long soak in a hot tub can feel like a luxury. Whether you’re celebrating the end of another long workday or simply enjoying time with friends, the warm water and massaging jets can be just what you need to relax and rejuvenate.

Over time, however, bad habits can take a toll on a hot tub. Clogged filters, unbalanced water, and more can put a damper on your relaxation session. To make sure your hot tub is ready when you need it, here are three things you should always do before entering your hot tub.

  1. Rinse off. Your body has oils, lotions, and dead skin cells that aren’t good for your hot tub. Even the deodorant you put on every morning can be bad for the filter you rely on to keep your water fresh and clean. Stopping to take a quick shower before hopping in your hot tub can keep you soaking instead of draining and cleaning.
  2. Eat. While sipping your favorite beverage or morning cup of coffee may be seem harmless for your hot tub, crumbly foods and excessive spilled beverages can be a huge risk. Stick to crumb-free finger foods like mini meatballs, pretzel bites, and cream puffs.
  3. Dress the right part. You may not put much thought into what you wear in the hot tub, but it’s important. Mostly, you should make sure the swimsuit you wear is clean and free of detergents that can wreak havoc on your hot tub water. And, avoid going straight from the lake or beach to your hot tub, which can transfer minerals attached to your suit into the water and can be bad for your spa. Having your hair pinned up can also minimize hair gathering in the filter, reducing the cleaning necessary.

Ongoing water care is a necessity, but taking steps to keep the water clean and free of additives makes water care a breeze. Doing these three things you should always do before entering your hot tub will help minimize the amount of time you’ll spend draining, cleaning, and refilling your hot tub, which equals more hours to relax and enjoy your spa.

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