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Sun & Soul Saunas

A Sun & Soul sauna is the perfect way to care for your mind, body and soul. Never tried an infrared sauna? They’re similar to steam ones, but without the extreme temperature. Instead, they heat the body directly to induce a deep sweat. As well as having many wellness benefits, our infrared saunas are a natural way to rest and relax.

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Traditional Saunas

From quick to assemble Hallmark saunas to highly customized Custom-Cut saunas, we will recommend and design the right solution for your sauna needs & space. We have indoor and outdoor options available.


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InfraSauna® Saunas


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Infrared Saunas

Pure Infra saunas produce less EMR and EF than sanctioned by Sweden’s radiation standards—the toughest in the world. Pure Infra saunas heat quickly and efficiently with a tap of the touchscreen control. A Pure Infra sauna also heats up near- instantly to your set comfort level while using up to 20% less energy than other systems.


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