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Did you know that Saunas actually stimulate your body to create more oil and increase moisture levels within your skin?

Whether you’re a lifelong Massachusetts resident or a newcomer to our wonderful state, it goes without saying that New England winters can be harsh on your skin. During the summer months, the heat and humidity that at times seem unbearable, are actually really great for your skin. While we can’t control the weather, we can keep that extra heat and humidity in our lives all year long with a sauna.

Saunas are better at moisturizing than lotion!

Moisturizing your skin helps, but creams and lotions are only on the surface. Saunas work from the inside out! Saunas actually stimulate your body create more oil and increase moisture levels within your skin. And the red light of an infrared sauna even works more deeply.

The many skin benefits of a sauna

Regular sauna use has been shown to have incredible benefits for your skin.  Here are just a few ways that a sauna can benefit your skin.

  • When you take a sauna your body begins to produce sweat via deep sweating, the skin is then cleansed and dead skin cells are replaced – keeping your skin in good working condition.
  • Sweating rinses bacteria out of the epidermal layer and sweat ducts.
  • Cleansing of the pores has been shown to improve the capillary circulation, while giving the skin a softer-looking and younger quality.
    By continually flushing body waste through individual cells, one eventually brings back vitality, tone and a healthy glow to the skin.
  • Sauna usage is cleaning the pores from the very inside out – instead of just cleaning the top of the skin.
  • Saunas help the pores open and breath and can even “plump up” tiny wrinkles
  • The skin after a sauna often feels cleansed, softer, and more sensitive to the touch.
  • You may notice that your skin has a rosy hue or “just tanned” look thru out the year.
  • When blood flow is increased to the epidermis (our outer layer of skin), and dead cells are removed, we also get some relief from the itchiness of dry skin. (Also helpful for dry patches resulting from eczema and psoriasis!)

Is a sauna the fountain of youth?

Near infrared saunas can help reduce signs of aging and help your skin be healthier and younger looking by improving elasticity and skin tone improve. The red light stimulates collagen and elastin production. Collagen and elastin help plump and firm the skin which can also help alleviate stretch marks and cellulite.

Alleviate skin problems

Deep sweating can also help improve skin cell turnover. It can remove bacteria from the skin, which helps with acne and improves skin health. Additionally, saunas are shown to reduce inflammation, which can alleviate skin issues such as psoriasis and eczema.

Bottom line? Your skin is refreshed and rejuvenated. Soft once again with a healthy glow. And that’s just your skin! There are so many more enjoyable benefits to basking in the warmth of an infrared sauna…including…happily basking in the warmth of a sauna!

Are you ready to give your skin a healthy makeover and minimize the drying effects of the weather ahead? Get an Infrared Sauna for your home. It’s one of the best ways to feel better, sleep better, and look better every day!

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