Matt St. Thomas joined New England Spas in April of 2019 and he currently works as a member of the sales team in our Auburn showroom. Matt is also the New England Spas “he knows it” guy. He is not only an amazing sales person, but he also helps with everything from IT, to administration, to operations.

“Matt is always finding ways to help make New England Spas the best company we can possibly be. His focus on team building and customer care is exceptional. If there ever is a case where he does not know something, he will learn and help educate others in the area. Matt is a great teammate and a tremendous asset to New England Spas,” said Justin Gardner, Sales Manager.

Q&A with Matt!

Where are you from?

I was born in Millinocket, Maine, and when I was really young we lived in Orono while my dad studied at the University of Maine, Orono. Then we moved to Ticonderoga, NY until I was 17. I then went back to Orono and went to the University of Maine myself! Then I lived in Memphis, TN for about 10 years, and then Albany NY for a few years after, and then moved here to Massachusetts. Fun fact about Millinocket -Mt. Katahdin, just outside of Millinocket in Baxter State Park, is the first place in the US that the light from the sunrise touches (during certain times of the year).

What do you like to do when not at work? Hobbies etc.?

Grilling & BBQ! (I am a KCBS Certified Judge)! To become a Kansas City certified BBQ judge you take the class, and then you register for different tournaments. Once you get accepted – you eat and judge! One trick I learned along the way – bring Ziplock bags and a cooler. You’ll be eating a lot of BBQ that day, so it’s important to pace yourself and only take a bite of each option – some places give you bigger portions and you don’t want any of that delicious BBQ to go to waste!

Favorite sports team(s)?

The Dallas Cowboys. I watched them a lot growing up in the 70s there were only so many channels to pick from and the Cowboys were on often. I fell in love with the star and the cheerleaders! Also, all the Boston teams – Celtics, Red Sox, Patriots and especially the Bruins.

Favorite TV show and/or movie?

The IT Crowd, which is a British TV show that’s on Netflix. And Miracle is my favorite movie.

Favorite place you’ve visited?

Tallinn, Estonia. I went there in 2007

Anywhere you want to visit? Or Anything on your bucket list?

I would love to see the Vatican, and also want to go to Canton, OH to visit the Football Hall of Fame

Favorite thing(s) about working at New England Spas?

The people.