Swim spas offer some of the best features of swimming pools and hot tubs. One standout feature of a swim spa is year-round use. With a swim spa, you don’t need to worry about limited swimming seasons — you can enjoy low-impact aquatic exercise, soothing hydrotherapy, and relaxing recreation all year long. 

For New Englanders, year-round use is even more appealing. Those long, cold winters and chilly early spring days are far more enjoyable when you have a swim spa to help you through. If that sounds interesting to you, then read on to learn more.

What Is a Swim Spa?

man is swimming in hydropool swim spa

A swim spa is a swimming pool/hot tub hybrid. It’s smaller than a traditional swimming pool yet still offers the ability to get fantastic aquatic exercise by creating its own current. This current allows you to swim in place. It’s larger than a hot tub while still offering the same hydrotherapy jets, comfortable seating, and heated water.

The Benefits of a Swim Spa

The swim spa has a ton of incredible benefits to offer. Here are just a few of them.

Takes Up Less Space

Finding room for a traditional swimming pool on your property can be challenging. Even if you have plenty of space, other issues may arise that make excavating the area and installing a pool difficult or potentially even impossible. With a swim spa, your options are far more wide open.

More Cost Effective

A traditional swimming pool requires not only a significant inital investment but considerable ongoing maintenance costs throughout its lifespan. While swim spas are obviously not free, they are much more cost-effective in both upfront cost and upkeep.

Easy Maintenance

The smaller size of a swim spa (not to mention the more effective filtration system) means you’ll have a lot less maintenance to perform — especially when you compare that maintenance to that of a traditional pool. This means you’ll spend less time working and more time swimming.

Low-Impact Exercise

A swim spa is the perfect place to get in some incredible aquatic workouts that are easy on the joints, making it a fantastic option for anyone looking to stay fit in spite of arthritis or other joint issues. You can not only swim in your swim spa, but you can also get in all kinds of aerobic workouts.

Relaxing Hydrotherapy

Right after your workout is over, you can begin your recovery process by kicking back with some hydrotherapy jets to soothe and relax your muscles, improve your circulation, and relieve stiffness and tension. Hydrotherapy can also help you get a better night’s sleep.

Time Spent Together

family enjoys their time together in swim spa

If it seems like you hardly spend time with your loved ones anymore, a swim spa can offer a fantastic solution. It can help bring you and your family together for some relaxation and quality conversation.

The Greatest Swim Spa Benefit of All: Year-Round Use

There are many exciting benefits to owning a swim spa, but the most amazing one of all is year-round use. A traditional swimming pool is limited to a relatively short window between late spring and early autumn, and then it’s another several months until you can start swimming once again. The swim spa has no such limitations. 

For New England residents looking to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, the winter weather always poses some unique challenges. It’s often too cold and snowy to go for a jog, the roads are too icy to go to the gym, or the chilly gray weather just has you feeling less motivated to stick with a consistent workout routine. Whatever the cause, it can be a lot tougher to maintain a healthy exercise habit during the harsh cold-weather months. 

However, with a swim spa, you can escape the cold winter gloom, get in a fantastic workout, and then bask in the glory of heated water and hydrotherapy jets — just relax and imagine it’s summertime. There are no limitations on when you can use it, so there are no limitations on your fitness journey.

Swim Spas From New England Spas

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