While your spa represents decades of careful engineering and design toward the goal of keeping it hot outdoors in New England in the most energy efficient way possible, it isn’t particularly well equipped to cool itself off in hot weather.  This isn’t a major concern for the equipment’s longevity, but it may result in intermittent overheating on the hottest days of the year, particularly for spas installed in direct sunlight.

Some spas have features which disable filtration cycles in the event of an overheat condition, and this may result in cloudier or less clean-looking water.  If your spa has overheated, please be aware that it may take several days of cooler weather for the spa to drop back down to its normal set temperature.

Please remember to check your spa’s temperature and water chemistry before entering.  Do not enter your spa if the water is too hot, or the spa is unsanitary.  If you do not wish to wait for the spa to cool naturally as the temperature drops, you can drain 4-6″ of water through the spa’s drain valve, and top off with cold water from the tap.