Choosing the right hot tub is exciting but with the variety of options available, we can understand how daunting it may seem. Your perfect hot tub should not only meet your relaxation needs but it should also complement your lifestyle, budget, and space. 

From size and jets to quality and style, we’ll help you make an informed decision that will provide you with countless hours of relaxation and enjoyment! Let’s dive right in!


The size of your hot tub is perhaps one of the most important aspects you’ll want to consider. How many people will be using the hot tub regularly, whether for quality family time, social gatherings, or personal relaxation? We offer a variety of hot tub sizes. You can even narrow down your ideal hot tub by refining your search based on seating capacity on our website.

family is having fun in hot tub

It’s also important to take into account whether you want lounge seating or open seating when considering the size of your hot tub. Lounge seats are reclined, allowing you to stretch out comfortably while being submerged in the warm water. Meanwhile, open seats are upright, bench-style seats that allow you to sit upright and move around freely. Open-seating hot tubs are popular for those who prefer to socialize in their hot tub without necessarily being submerged. 


hot tub jets

Hot tub jets are another very important aspect of hot tub shopping. If you want to maximize the benefits of hydrotherapy, look for a hot tub with strategically placed jets. Sundance® Spas, for example has adjustable Fluidix® jets that are positioned to reach pressure points used in reflexology and acupressure. Some jets feel like delicate fingers while others act like strong hands kneading large muscles. Keep in mind, that it’s not the number of jets that makes a hot tub, it’s the quality and pressure of the jets.


When it comes to hot tubs, craftsmanship is important. Popular brands are known for their quality and dependability. Be wary of unknown brands and traveling hot tub expos. The last thing you need is to deal with a hot tub that breaks within a year. Brands like Sundance® Spas, however, are built with high-quality materials that are designed to last like EcoWrap® Insulation, UV-resistant cabinetry, and 3-layer Rigid Bond™ Shell—which is 8 times stronger than ordinary fiberglass laminated shells.

Big brands like Sundance® Spas also come with warranties, so you can have peace of mind when you invest in your hot tub.


Choosing the right hot tub style is another factor to consider. Whether you want your hot tub to blend seamlessly with your backyard or to make a statement, it should complement your home’s style. At New England Spas, we offer four different Sundance® Spas series, in addition to the Splash™ Plug-and-Play series. Those are:

680™ Series

680 hot tub

780™ Series

780 series hot tub

880™ Series

sundance 880 series hot tubs

980™ Series

sundance 980 series hot tubs

There is a distinct style and feature to each series.

Extra Features

Other than the standard hot tub features, don’t overlook extra features that can elevate your hot tub experience. Features like waterfalls, LED lighting, and Bluetooth speakers, can create a more enjoyable atmosphere. Plus, advanced technology such as SmartTub® for remote control and monitoring can make hot tub maintenance more convenient.

Hot Tubs in New England

Choosing the right hot tub involves a lot of careful consideration. By taking the time to align your choices with your personal preferences, lifestyle, and budget, you’ll create an ideal backyard oasis that enhances your relaxation and adds luxury to your outdoor living space. 
If you need help finding the perfect hot tub for you, we invite you to visit one of our convenient locations where you can try a hot tub out for yourself! Our Hot Tub Builder tool is also a great resource. You simply fill out a few questions and your ideal hot tub is revealed!