We are thrilled to be able to donate pallets and used hot tubs to Liberty Farms Animal Sanctuary where they will be turned into shelters and food bins for the animals. Founded in 2008, Liberty Farms is a rescue where animals in need of a home are taken in and can live our their days on the beautiful 100 acre sanctuary located in Warren, Massachusetts.

A variety of animals currently enjoy the relaxed, natural environment that the sanctuary provides. Alpacas, horses, donkeys, pigs, chickens, and goats are just some of the animals that have found a home at Liberty Farms. Animals come to the rescue for a several reasons. Some are retired police horses or racehorses, some were abused, or abandoned.

“It is such a pleasure to be able to work with Karen and the team here at Liberty Farms and take materials that would otherwise be thrown away and to put them to use in the care of these animals,” said Bruce Bourassa, Delivery Manager of New England Spas.

You can learn more about Liberty Farms or make a donation here >