There are hundreds of reasons to own a hot tub! Here are just twenty…

1) Sleep Better

Taking a soak in a hot tub before you head to bed can lead to a more peaceful and deeper sleep.

2) Set aside time for yourself

A hot tub provides the perfect opportunity to unplug give yourself a break. Take a soak to get a little “me time”… read a book, meditate, star gaze, or relax with music and aromatherapy.

3) Post Workout Relief 

Soaking in your hot tub will relax sore muscles and increase blood flow to damaged tissue.

4) Get Back to Nature

A peaceful spa session is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors and listen to the birds chirp, or enjoy a sunrise or sunset.

5) Family Time

Your hot tub can be the perfect place for your family to gather and talk about the day… or anything else that might come up.

6) Backyard Retreat

You don’t need to spend tons of cash on fancy vacations when you have your own resort right in your backyard.

7) Relief for Aches and Stiffness 

Warm, pulsating water increases blood flow, reduces stiffness and muscle tension, and provides a massage for whatever aches.

8) Party Time

A hot tub will make your back yard the go-to destination for all of your friends.

9) Date Night 

Your hot tub provides the perfect setting for romantic night for you and your partner.

10) Overall Relaxation 

The soothing sounds of the water and the warm temperature is the perfect combination to decrease stress and help you unwind.

11) Proven Health Benefits

Studies show that sitting in a spa bath can lower your blood pressure, improve cardiovascular health, lower blood sugar levels, and relieve fibromyalgia pain. Many people find that soaking in a hot tub relieves headache and backache pain as well.

12) Beat the Wintertime Blues

There is no need to stay inside waiting for the cold weather to pass when the hot tub’s warm water and escaping warm air can keep you from becoming chilled. After a long day working outdoors or on the slopes, getting into a hot tub will thaw that chilled-to-the-bone feeling.

13) Game Time!

Hot tubs provide the opportunity for some unique playtime. Rubber duckies, snorkels, waterproof cards and floating ball games are fun for all ages!

14) Escape from Technology

The endless emails, texts, instant messages, and phone calls of today’s world can be draining. Let the soothing hot tub waters draw you away from the incessant onslaught of information.

15) Exercise Made Easy

Exercising in water is easier on the joints. Many hot tubs are deep enough to stand in, and almost all hot tubs have enough room for sitting exercises.

16) Avoid the Health Club Hassle

Instead of driving to a health club for a soak, enjoy your own safe, clean hot tub. Plus, when you own the hot tub, you control the water quality. You don’t have to risk health problems by stepping into a public spa when you are assured safe water at home.

17) Treat Your Feet

When your dogs are barking, nothing feels better than a foot massage. Many spas have jets to provide foot and leg massage.

18) Different Strokes for Different Folks

Today’s hot tubs allow each user to adjust the flow of water. One person can enjoy a gentle massage on the neck, while another receives a more vigorous back rubdown.

19) Create an Oasis 

With minimal landscaping, placing a hot tub in a quiet, peaceful garden creates a Garden of Eden effect and an aquatic retreat. Plus, hot tubs are an affordable investment for your home.

20) Overall Pleasure  

Hot tubs offer an array of benefits: improved health, relaxation, ample social opportunities and relationship building – but when you get down to it, a soak in your spa just feels great!

Adapted from Pool and Spa Living Magazine (2006)