In warm weather, the water temperature in your Sundance spa may exceed the set temperature. This condition may occur due to heat transference from the filter/circulation pump and jets pumps, and the super insulation of your hot tub and cover.

If the water temperature is higher than 95°F (35°C) and rises 2°F (1°C) above the set temperature, a “Summer Logic” condition occurs that deactivates the filter/circulation pump and CLEARRAY. Manually turning the temperature below the current water temperature also triggers the effect. For example if your spa is heated to 101°F, and you turn the temperature down to 95°F to cool it off, the “summer logic” will activate. This safety feature cannot be altered!

The filter/circulation pump and CLEARRAY® will remain off until the water temperature cools to the set temperature (except when the filter/circulation pump runs for it’s mandatory 3-hour cycles between 8am-11am and 8pm-11pm).

In these cases of extreme warm weather your spa may require additional sanitizer/and shock to maintain clear clean water.

To reduce the temperature gap you can add cold water to your spa, as well as leave the cover slightly ajar to allow some cooling to occur.