There’s no doubt that adding a swimming pool to your property can be an incredibly worthwhile investment, even if you only get to use it for a few months out of the year. But what if you had something that offered nearly all the benefits of a swimming pool and could be used all year long? That’s what you get with a swim spa. 

A swim spa combines all the relaxation, recreation, and aquatic exercise of a swimming pool with the amazing hydrotherapy of a hot tub. And you’ll never need to close it when the traditional swimming season ends. If that sounds enticing, take a look at this quick and easy swim spa guide to learn more.

grandparents with their grandchildren enjoying their time in a swim spa

What Is a Swim Spa?

The swim spa is a fusion of a swimming pool and a hot tub that can be installed in the ground, partially in the ground, or totally above ground. It’s smaller than a swimming pool, which means it’s more affordable and easier to install, but larger than a hot tub, which means it can accommodate more guests and provide more room to stretch out and relax. 

And just because swim spas are smaller than swimming pools doesn’t mean you can’t get the same low-impact full-body swimming workout in them. They have the ability to create their own current, allowing you to swim in place and get your laps in.

Benefits of the Swim Spa

There are so many great things you can enjoy with a full-sized swimming pool or a luxurious hot tub, but neither of them offers all of the fantastic benefits of opting for a swim spa. Take a look at some of those benefits below.

Easy Installation

The excavation required for a full-sized inground swimming pool is pretty extensive. That means a big, complicated installation that can take a long time and wind up being costly. You may not even have the room on your property for a pool of that size, but odds are you’ve got the room for a swim spa. 

Swim spas offer a wide range of installation options, with each one being a lot simpler and more inexpensive than installing a swimming pool. They also take up less room, leaving you space to get creative in designing your little piece of paradise.

Incredible Versatility

Can’t decide between a swimming pool and a hot tub? With a swim spa, that’s no problem at all. You’ll be able to get your aquatic exercise, spend quality time with family and friends, and enjoy the luxurious relaxation of heated water and hydrotherapy all in one. You can even get your workout in and then kickstart your recovery with superior-quality massage jets without ever getting out of the water.

Wooden deck with installed swim spa  and chairs

A Cost-Effective Solution

Swimming pools, hot tubs, and swim spas are all going to require an investment, but the value you get from choosing a swim spa easily makes the investment the most worthwhile of them all. 

Swim spas are already more affordable than swimming pools in terms of upfront cost, installation, and maintenance, but the fact that you’ll be able to use your swim spa all year long gives you far more bang for your buck. When you consider how much more a swim spa offers than a hot tub, it’s easy to see which is the better investment.

Extend Your Swimming Season

As fantastic as swimming pools are, their use is limited to the warm weather months. Leaving your investment covered up and unusable from the end of the year to the beginning of summer can feel like a waste when you know that a swim spa allows you to swim all year long. 

The heated water in your swim spa means that you can get your aquatic workout in regardless of the temperature. And even if you think you’ll be reluctant to get out there in the cold New England winter, you can always install your swim spa indoors and swim to your heart’s content all through the cold months.

Swim Spas From New England Spas

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