New England Spas, in partnership with Sundance® Spas and the Wish for Our Heroes Foundation, has provided a free hot tub to Three Harts Farm. Part of the Nathan Hale Veterans Foundation, Three Harts Farm is a facility in Plymouth, MA that provides veterans agricultural training, wellness and mental health resources, as well as a relaxed and open environment to collaborate with other veterans and develop solutions to overcome physical and mental barriers.

The new Sundance® Spa will provide hydrotherapy to help with pain and discomfort caused by injuries these veterans have sustained from their military service. The heat, buoyancy, and jet massage that hot tubs provide are effective in relieving aches and pains and repairing damaged tissue. Hot tubs also promote mental wellness, providing relaxation and easing the symptoms of stress that can come from military service.

“The spa will serve many veterans here and will be extremely beneficial. We are so happy and honored to receive this generous donation. A hot tub was one of our missing wish list items. The massage therapy will be a great addition to the agricultural programs and counseling that we provide as part of our wellness program,” said Christopher Hart, President of the Nathan Hale Veterans Foundation.

At New England Spas we believe it is our duty to give back to the men and women who selflessly serve our nation in all branches of the military. We are honored to partner with Sundance Spas and Wish for Our Heroes and be able to give the gift of hydrotherapy and relaxation to veterans, who have given so much.

If you are or know an active duty military member or veteran who could benefit from the hydrotherapy that hot tubs provide, please apply or nominate them to receive a free hot tub here>