Here our our tried-and-true recommendations for the best results!

Once you drain your spa, clean the spa shell with NES Surface Cleaner then rinse well. Defender can be used for tough stains on the spa shell.

When filling the spa, attach a Start Rite Pre-Filter to your hose and fill your spa. This will reduce heavy metals and suspended solids from the water.

After filling, add at least 1 bottle of Metal Gon to neutralize iron and other materials in the water. Rinse filters after 24 hours.

Test levels of pH and alkalinity. Add Spa Up (increases pH) or Spa Down (lowers pH), adjust to between 7.2 and 7.8 pH.

Once your pH is in range, add 1 bottle of Silky Smooth to help stabilize your pH and prevent pH drift (also makes the water feel great!).

Place a Sanitizer Side Kick in the filter area.

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