Swim spas are an impressive hybrid of hot tubs and pools. And their dual use cases are what makes them so appealing to many consumers. But even as swim spas grow in popularity, not many know what they should look for when shopping for one. 

Here are some essential features to keep an eye out for if you’re interested in buying a new swim spa:

swim spa installed in a room


Before you consider all the extra bells and whistles, it’s wise to ensure your swim spa will fit wherever you plan to put it, especially as some sizes are more conducive to certain activities. For example, where some models are ten feet long, those who intend to use theirs for lap swimming would be more comfortable in a model that’s at least 12 feet in length.

Width is important for similar reasons. If you intend to swim often, you’ll be most comfortable with a swim spa that is at least five feet wide. You’ll also want enough room on each side for comfortable access to the spa. Nevertheless, everybody’s different, so you must research sizes first and envision how comfortable you’ll be with specific dimensions over others.


The second most crucial aspect regarding the purchase of a swim spa is how much you’re willing to spend. Swim spas are relatively affordable, especially compared to pools. 

However, their features, size, and quality can all drive the price up considerably. You can find models running around $10,000 on the low end and up to $35,000 or even more on the higher end. 

If you plan to use your swim spa consistently, investing in a quality brand with a good mixture of features and affordability is wise. You can also talk to a swim spa dealer about financing options so you aren’t stuck with a low-end swim spa when your heart is set on another.


You must stop and ask yourself how willing you are to care for your swim spa and consider how simple it will be to maintain your system to match the effort you’re willing to put in. 

Most models have some form of self-cleaning technology that can handle standard upkeep well, but very few swim spas are maintenance-free. You’ll still need to work with balancing chemicals, cleaning the shell, and replacing filters. Size will also often play into how much maintenance you should expect.


woman enjoying massage in a swim spa

Most people are interested in swim spas because they make it easy to exercise in water without the hassle of installing a pool. Still, many others intend to use swim spas as not much more of a means of unwinding and recovering from daily aches and pains. Regardless of your intended use, hydrotherapy is a significant part of the swim spa experience, so it’s good to know where the jets are and how they function. 

Number of Swim Currents

Some swim spas have the ability to create more than one swim current. Not everyone finds these beneficial, though, especially if swimming is secondary to their hot tub-like experience. 

However, if your goal is to use your spa to exercise more, you’ll probably want to at least look into models with such a feature. A swim spa that generates two currents can be highly beneficial if you want to alternate between swimming against the current and with it. The simultaneous currents will also open up opportunities for two people to swim together.

Other Special Features

If you’re looking for something above the industry standard, there are plenty of additional features that could improve and customize your swim spa. You’ll find everything from programmable swim currents to streamline your exercise regimen to integrated sound systems for a meditative soak with your favorite relaxing playlist! At the end of the day, though, it’s best to look for spas with features that speak more toward why you’re buying one. 

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