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Freshwater Salt System Water Care Program

Freshwater Salt System Water Care Program

The Program’s Goal

The goal of this program is clean, healthy water. The following instructions are based on average use (1-2 people using the spa 3 times per week). An increase in batherload/usage will dramatically affect water quality and will require additional water care supplies more frequently.

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Getting Started — Filling the Spa

  1. Attach the Start Rite Pre-Filter to your hose and fill your spa, reducing heavy metals and suspended solids. Place the hose inside the gray standpipe in the filter area and begin to fill the spa slowly.
  2. Once you’ve filled the spa, turn on the power at the breaker and verify the FreshWater® Salt system is OFF (output level of “0”).
  3. Using a test strip, test Calcium Hardness — ideally it should be 50 ppm. If it’s HIGH, use the Vanishing Act Calcium Remover and place over the main bottom return (Highlife spas) or suction closest to the filter area (Limelight spas).
  4. Add 2 bottles of Metal Gon around the perimeter of the spa. If your water has a high metal content, more Metal Gon may be necessary. Close the cover and let the spa heat to temperature.
  5. 24 hours later, discard the Vanishing Act Calcium Remover and rinse your filters.
  6. Test pH and adjust (7.2-7.8 range) by adding Spa Up (to increase) or Spa Down (to decrease). Once pH is in range, add a whole bottle of Silky Smooth to help to lock in the pH.
  7. Add the appropriate amount of Spa Salt directly into the filter area, one cup at a time slowly (use the chart below). Wait 10 minutes and use FreshWater® Salt Test Strips to verify the salt level is around 1750 ppm. If salt level is low after adding the recommended amount, add more salt in 1/2 cup increments, waiting 10 minutes and testing in between.
  8. Turn on the FreshWater® Salt system by setting the Output Level at your control panel. Your initial setting should be set between 5-7 and can be adjusted once you begin to use your spa based on your usage.
  9. Superchlorinate by adding 1 ounce of Spa 56 until you get a reading of 5 ppm on your test strip. This will help supplement the FreshWater® Salt system as it cleans the water prior to producing its own chlorine.

    It may take the Salt system several days to create its own sanitizer. If you plan on using the spa right away, we recommend you manually add 1-2 ounces chlorine daily to start out. Test daily.
  10. Place the Sanitizer Side Kick Mineral Cartridge inside the filter area. Add 2 oz. Renew and run the jets for 15 minutes with the cover open.

Weekly Care

  1. Test your water and adjust pH as needed. Every 10 days or so, confirm your “Output” level.
  2. Add 1 ounce of Spa 56 to help supplement the Salt system.

Monthly Care

  1. Clean your filters. For Limelight series spas, soak in a solution of Filter Clean in 4 gallons of water. For Highlife® Collection spas with the Tri-X filters, rinse thoroughly or place in dishwasher with no soap or additives.
  2. Shock with 2 oz. Renew to help reduce foam and odors. Leave your cover open for 20 minutes to air out.

Every Four Months

  1. Replace your FreshWater® cartridge. The system will prompt you to do so when necessary.
  2. Replace the Sanitizer Side Kick Mineral Cartridge. Add 2 oz. Renew and run the jets for 15 minutes with the cover open.


Drain your spa. Before draining, add 1 bottle of Spa Cleanse into the water to prevent buildup of organics, oils and minerals inside the equipment and plumbing. Check ozone system tubing and check valve.

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