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At New England Spas, we’ve sold and serviced top-rated brands in our 3 locations since 1978. We offer FREE backyard surveys and you can try our products at any of our locations!

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Why New England Spas?

Hot tub and swim spa expos are typically advertised as “national events” and insinuate that all major manufactures are present.

However, this is far from the truth. In reality, these expo events are set up quickly and run by high-pressure sales staff who leave town and disappear as soon as the event is over never to be seen again. At New England Spas, we continue the relationship long after the sale is over. From service to helping you troubleshoot concerns, we’ve got you covered.

You need to make your decision in peace. At New England Spas, we suggest you even schedule a free backyard consultation before you take delivery. That’s an offer we can provide as local company that you cannot get from a hired gun at an expo who will disappear after the event.

Additionally, most tubs at an event can only be dry tested.

Should a traveling show actually have a spa filled with water to test, you would have to be ready to get in your swimsuit in front of a crowd of people. And who wants to do that?

New England Spas offers you the opportunity for a private “wet test” before you buy. We offer this both as a test soak for hot tubs or a test swim in an Endless Pool. These wet tests allow you to feel the jets, make sure the water depth fits your height, and the seating fits your body.

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At each of our locations, you are guaranteed to find only the highest-quality products and service. We’ve been providing excellent quality, service, and value for over 35 years. Our customers say that their spas are the “best investment” they have made in their homes!

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