When you purchased your hot tub you may have noticed that it came equipped with an “Ozone Generator” but may be unsure as to how it functions or what it does. Well, an Ozone Generator does exactly what it sounds like – generates ozone!

So what is ozone?

Ozone is a naturally produced gas that works as an oxidizing agent in hot tubs. Ozone is formed when three atoms of oxygen are bound together (O3)  instead of the normal two. Your ozone generator breaks oxygen atoms (O2 ) and new ozone molecules (O3 ) are formed. Contaminants in your water are oxidized by active ozone before turning back into O2.

Is oxidizing the same as sanitizing?

Oxidizing is different than sanitizing. A sanitizer (like chlorine or bromine) destroys germs and kills bacteria. An oxidizer, however, does not destroy bacteria and is not a sanitizer. An oxidizer uses active oxygen to consume nonbacterial waste and convert it into harmless gases that can be released into the atmosphere. Sanitizers kill germs. Oxidizers remove contaminants, such as chemical by-products, microscopic dirt, and dead organic materials.

So, we recommend you team ozone with sanitizing products like chorine or bromine, and together these agents keep water your clean!

How long does an ozone generator last?

Ozone Generators last 3-4 years. Given what they do to help reduce your overall need for water care products and how effective they are in keeping our water clean, it’s well worth the investment to replace it.

Contact our service department if it’s time to replace your ozone generator!