Buying a hot tub is exciting, but it can also raise many questions. You want to ensure you’re getting a unit you and your family can enjoy for years. Choosing the right size tub is one of the most important decisions, especially if you don’t have the experience of owning a hot tub already. 

There are many factors to consider when selecting the size of your hot tub. Most manufacturers produce units in many sizes to accommodate a wide range of needs. Is bigger always better? Not necessarily. Whether you select a hot tub that fits two people or ten, the ultimate goal is to purchase a beautiful, reliable tub that meets your needs. 

Hot Tub Sizing Considerations

As you consider the items below, keep in mind that we offer FREE site surveys! An experienced member of our team will come to your property, take measurements, help you pick the perfect location, and help with site prep ideas.

a hot tub on a wooden deck with a pool and trees in the background


A hot tub needs a level, stable foundation to sit on. A concrete slab, pavers, or sturdy deck are the most common options for outdoor units. The location must have accessibility to an outlet with the correct voltage and a water source.

Remember, a hot tub requires regular maintenance that occasionally includes emptying and refilling the tub. Once you have confirmed where you’ll install the tub, you’ll have a better idea of what size you can practically accommodate. 

How Many People Does Your Hot Tub Need to Accommodate? 

Is your house the one where everyone in the family gathers for holidays and weekend cookouts, or are you an empty nester looking forward to relaxing in your private, peaceful oasis? It’s tempting to purchase a huge tub that every potential guest can enjoy, but a reality check will help you make a sound decision. 

Consider these questions when selecting the size of your tub:

three women are sitting in a hot tub
  1. Do you predict the entire immediate family using the tub together, or does your family schedule make it more likely only one or two people at a time will use the tub?
  2. Do you frequently host visitors who will want to use your hot tub? Upscaling size for rare occasions could be a regret. Focusing on practical day-to-day usage is a better idea.
  3. How old are your children? Are they young and still have many years of hot tub use ahead, or are they older and getting ready to move out of the house?
  4. How many seats does it actually seat? The number of seats in a hot tub doesn’t necessarily equal the number of people that can use it comfortably. For example, because of footwell size and placement, a 6-seat hot tub may only fit four or five adults. 
  5. How tall are you? The biggest contributor to comfort in a hot tub is height. Taller people have longer legs and need more room to stretch out in order to fully enjoy the relaxation a hot tub offers. If your family members are on the tall side, the extra cost of a larger tub is a worthwhile investment. 

Ask The Experts

The professionals at New England Spas can answer all your questions about hot tub size, operational costs, and regulations. We understand there are a lot of decisions to be made when you buy a hot tub, and we are here to help. At New England Spas, we carry small units designed for two or three people, large tubs for the whole family, and everything in between. Contact us, and we’ll help you select the hot tub that is perfect for you. You can also try our Hot Tub Builder tool!