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Frog Ease Water Care Program

Frog Ease Water Care Program

Getting Started — Filling the Spa

  1. When filling, use our Start Rite Pre-Filter to fill your spa to reduce heavy metals and suspended solids.
  2. Add 1 bottle of Metal Gon to the perimeter of the spa immediately after filling to neutralize iron and other minerals in the water. Rinse filters after 24 hours.
  3. Test levels of alkalinity and pH using a test strip. Add Spa Up (increases pH) or Spa Down (lowers pH), adjust to between 7.2 and 7.8 pH and 80-120 ppm alkalinity as needed. Once your pH is in the ideal range, add 1 bottle of Silky Smooth to help stabilize your pH and prevent pH drift.
  4. Test level of calcium hardness. Add Calcium Booster to increase the calcium hardness level to 150-250 ppm as needed.
  5. Once your water is balanced, add the Frog® Jump Start® start-up shock.
  6. Heat water to the desired temperature.

Set and Install the Cartridges

  1. Remove the FROG® @ease® SmartChlor Cartridge from its bag and set the cartridge using the dial on the bottom to the setting that matches your hot tub size in gallons (see chart below).
  2. Set the FROG® @ease® Mineral Cartridge to #7 using the dial on the bottom.
  3. Remove the filter lid on your hot tub.
  4. With the filter cartridge in place, slide the holder down over the pipe where the nut that holds the filter cartridge is.
  5. Make sure the openings for the FROG® @ease® cartridges are facing the filter area and the fin on the holder goes between two pleats on the filter cartridge. Push the holder down using the top handle until it snaps into place.
  6. Insert the FROG® @ease® Mineral Cartridge into the holder by placing the bottom of the rounded edge of the cartridge into the front of the holder opening closest to the outside of the hot tub and push the cartridge back until it locks into place.
  7. Follow the same procedure to insert the FROG® @ease® SmartChlor Cartridge in the opening closest to the inside of the spa.
  8. Make sure that the cartridges are completely under water. If not, add water to the hot tub.
  9. Place the New England Spas Sanitizer Side Kick Mineral Cartridge inside the filter area and re-install the filter lid.
Gallons Setting #
200 – 350 3
350 – 450 4
450 – 600 5

Replacing the Cartridges

Replace the FROG® @ease® SmartChlor Cartridge when empty based on the FROG @ease test strip showing a lighter color than the Out Indicator on the bottle. Replace the FROG® @ease® Mineral cartridge every four months.

Monthly Filter Care

Pleated cleanable filters: Clean the filter cartridge at least once a month by soaking in a solution of 16oz of Filter Clean and 4 gallons of water, then rinse very well with fresh water.

Do not soak disposable Microclean filters: With a 2 part filter system, the small Microclean filter or Microclean insert should be replaced every 3-6 months. For the pleated cleanable filter, use the above instructions.

Full size Microclean filter: Dispose after 6-9 months as it is not cleanable. Replacement times for Microclean filters will vary based on water conditions and bather load. Rinsing periodically with clean water may help extend the life of the filter.

Every Four Months

Drain water and clean the spa shell with Spa Surface Cleaner then rinse well.

Replace the FROG® @ease® Mineral cartridge and Sanitizer Side Kick Mineral Cartridge after refilling the spa.

Clean the Spa cover and polish with 303 Protectant to preserve and protect the vinyl or fabric.


Before draining your spa, add 1 bottle of Spa Cleanse to your spa water to prevent buildup of biofilms, organics, oils and minerals inside the equipment and plumbing.

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