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Elemental Water Care Program

Elemental Water Care Program

The Program’s Goal

The goal of this program is clean, healthy water. The following instructions are based on average usage (1-2 people using the spa 3 times per week). An increase in bather load will dramatically affect water quality and require water care supplies to be added more often.

Helpful Tips:

  • For best results, we recommend Ozone combined with minimal chlorine and a Sanitizer Side Kick
  • Run jet pumps for at least 15 minutes whenever adding water care products into your hot tub

Getting Started — Filling the Spa

  1. When filling, use our Start Rite Pre-Filter to fill your spa to reduce heavy metals and suspended solids.
  2. Add 1 bottle of Metal Gon to the perimeter of the spa immediately after filling to neutralize iron and other minerals in the water. Rinse filters after 24 hours.
  3. Test levels of alkalinity and pH using a test strip. Add Spa Up (increases pH) or Spa Down (lowers pH), adjust to between 7.2 and 7.8 pH and 80-120 ppm alkalinity as needed. Once your pH is in the ideal range, add 1 bottle of Silky Smooth to help stabilize your pH and prevent pH drift.
  4. Test level of calcium hardness. Add Calcium Booster to increase the calcium hardness level to 150-250 ppm as needed.
  5. Place the Sanitizer Side Kick Mineral Cartridge inside the filter area. Follow with 2 oz of Renew, leave hot tub cover open for 15 minutes before moving on to the next step.
  6. Add 1 oz of Spa 56 Chlorine and test your water. You will want to reach a level of 1-3ppm. If necessary, add another 1 oz of Spa 56 Chlorine and test again. Continue to add in increments of 1 oz (testing in between) until you reach a level of 1-3ppm.

Per Use – Weekly

  1. Test levels of pH and total alkalinity every few days and adjust as necessary to maintain ideal ranges.
  2. After each use, add Spa 56 Chlorine to maintain a level of 1-3 ppm (appx. 1/4 oz. per person per use. Extra chlorine may be needed after heavy use). Supplement with 1/2 oz. Spa 56 Chlorine every 1-3 days without use.
  3. Once every other week, add 2 oz. of Defender to keep scale and stain from building on the heater element and spa shell. Alternate with Enzyme by adding 2 oz. of Enzyme once every other week to keep the water clear. Run the Spa for 15 minutes before proceeding to the next step.
  4. Add 2 oz. of Renew or 3 tablets of Renew Tabs oxidizing shock treatment every week to reduce foam and odors. Leave cover open for 15 minutes. More Renew may be needed with increased usage. Renew can also be used to help eliminate foam buildup. Just skim the foam off the water surface, add 2 oz. of Renew then rinse your filters later that day.


Pleated cleanable filters: Clean the filter cartridge at least once a month by soaking in a solution of 16oz of Filter Clean and 4 gallons of water, then rinse very well with fresh water. Replace the filter cartridge every 12-18 months. Instant Cartridge Clean can be used as a pre-treatment before a soak, or if a full soak is not possible.

Do not soak disposable Microclean filters: With a 2 part filter system, the small Microclean filter or Microclean insert should be replaced every 3-6 months. For the pleated cleanable filter, use the above instructions.

Full size Microclean filter: Dispose after 6-9 months as it is not cleanable. Replacement times for Microclean filters will vary based on water conditions and bather load. Rinsing periodically with clean water may help extend the life of the filter.

Hot Spring® Tri-X filters: Should be placed into the dishwasher (without soap or other additives) to remove surface debris once a month. We recommend soaking the Tri-X filter using Filter Clean to remove minerals and oil buildup every quarter.

Every Four Months

  1. Drain water and clean the spa shell with Spa Surface Cleaner then rinse well. Defender can be used for tough stains on the spa shell.
  2. Replace the Sanitizer Side Kick Mineral Cartridge. Ask about our Home Delivery Program!
  3. Clean the spa cover and polish with 303 Protectant to preserve and protect the vinyl or fabric.


Before draining your spa, add 1 bottle of Spa Cleanse to your spa water to prevent buildup of biofilms, organics, oils and minerals. Rinse and polish the shell with Fast Gloss. Check ozone system, including check valve and tubing.

Elemental Water Care Video Tutorial

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