Congratulations on purchasing your new hot tub! Now all that’s left to do is kick back and relax, right? Well, that depends — have you decided which company you’re hiring to install your hot tub? And do you have your installation plan all figured out? There are a few steps between the planning process and sinking into your own personal paradise, but don’t worry! New England Spas is here to walk you through every step.

Exciting news — we offer FREE site visits! Our team will happily come out to your home, assist you with measurements, make recommendations on the perfect spot for your spa, and even bring along color samples. Scheduling your free backyard consult is a breeze, and it’s the ideal way to kickstart your shopping process! We are here to help you create a seamless and enjoyable journey from purchase to relaxation, so reach out and let’s get started!

Site Matters

A modern backyard with a hot tub and patio

Have you picked out a home for your new tub? You’ll need a solid, level surface to install your hot tub properly. If you aren’t installing the hot tub on pavers or concrete, gravel bases are an excellent alternative. 

A well-made gravel hot tub pad can easily support virtually any hot tub, provided it has suitable stones and a retaining border. Gravel is also excellent for drainage and can reduce the risk of slipping when getting in or out of your tub.

New England Spas now provides crushed stone and smart deck installation! And if your area needs leveling to support your tub, we can take care of that, too. You can discuss the specifics about where you’d like your tub installed with our customer care team. We’ll help you establish a good location, what you’ll need to do to prepare, and inspiration for selecting the best possible base.


If you plan to do new concrete or patio work to prepare for your new spa, pause and determine who will handle the electrical work. It’s significantly easier to do this before laying anything down, so contact a reputable electrician before doing anything else.

You’ll want to hire an electrician with a background in spa installation. And for this, we highly recommend Brian Bradley Electrical Contractor. We wholeheartedly vouch for Brian. He has experience wiring spas and an understanding of local permit requirements. He also offers a complimentary startup and filling service should you require it.


Even if the site ticks all the boxes, you’ll still need to make sure there’s enough space for your tub. And not just for the tub itself but also for moving around the tub, accessing it quickly, or installing steps. It’s also wise to keep a clear path to the access panel and other essential components for fast servicing.

It would help to have your hot tub’s dimensions to use as your guide. Remember that you’ll want to have enough space to move around the tub. It’s not enough that your hot tub simply fits. Consider other surrounding elements like gates as well when you plan.

Your Individual Needs

A hot tub in a backyard with a lounge chair and a fire pit

You’ve likely purchased your tub because it fulfills all of your requirements. Now, the decisions of who will install the spa and where should be done with the same careful consideration. 

Start by ensuring the space where you install your tub has ample privacy and is easy to access from your home. You won’t use your spa much if you don’t take these factors into account first. You might even want to use views to your benefit, like directing your tub toward where you could get a sunset view every day.

Regarding your installation needs, you should only work with companies with verifiable experience installing hot tubs and hot tub pads. Going with just anyone could leave you with multiple issues. Inexperienced providers could potentially place your tub on an unlevel surface or damage it before you’ve even gotten a chance to use it. 

New England Spas has so much experience working with hot tubs that we offer virtually every kind of hot tub service, including relocating or removing tubs, upgrades, winterizing, repairing, and so much more! That’s how we earned our reputation as Massachusetts’s most trusted relaxation experts!

Your New Hot Tub Today With No Delay

We have everything you need for a successful hot tub install from start to finish. We can install your pad and spa on the same day, so there’s no waiting to use your new tub. And if you’re still searching for the right spa, we also carry some of the most luxurious and affordable spas, saunas, and other water care products around. Contact us to learn more about our installation services and get one step closer to the relaxing spa experience you deserve!