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Hot Spring Spas FAQs

  • Did you remember to put the hose down the center of the gray standpipe/filter area and clean your filters when refilling your hot tub?
  • If No, the pump may have an airlock, or the filters may have tripped the hi-limit. Reset the hi-limit (Refer to Owner’s Manual) and place a hose down the gray standpipe (just like when you fill your spa) to flush out the air. If you have an ozone unit, look for a steady stream of bubbles, if you do not have an ozone unit, look for the curling/rippling of the top of the water.
  • Make sure there is no foreign debris in the spa, pull filters out and replace caps. Run jets 30 min, turn the power to the spa off for 1 minute, and then restore power.
  • If red light stops blinking the problem has been corrected.
  • If red light is still blinking, go to online service request form.

The number one cause of a Moto-Massage jet not working is a clogged filter. Make sure your filter(s) have been cleaned within the last four weeks by soaking in Filter Clean (if applicable) and that the filter is not older than 18 months (unless it is a Tri-X filter). In this case you need to soak the filter if it has been more than three months, if less than three months, please run your filter through the rinse cycle on your dishwasher with NO DISHSOAP and NO DRYING CYCLE.

A quick test to see if the spa filter is the cause: Turn the power off to the spa at the main breaker (for about 15 minutes) then take out the filter(s) from the hot tub. Make sure that nothing is floating in the spa that could get sucked into the filter area before you turn the breaker back on. Once power is returned, without the filter(s) in, see if the Moto-Massage jet begins operating properly. If it does not fix the issue please contact our Service Department to schedule a repair.

  • Turn power to the spa off for 1 minute, then turn power back on. For 240 v spas, turn on the 20 amp breaker and then turn on the 30 amp breaker. For 120 v spas, plug in.
  • If light continues to blink, please contact our Service Department.

This indicates low water flow, follow procedures for Blinking Red light.

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