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Clearance Saunas

Available Clearance Models

Finnleo® S-820 Sauna

Finnleo® S-820 Sauna

Serial #: SF46XS820-V3-22770
Color: Canadian Hemlock

$1,600 Cash Off!

Finnleo® NSO-46 Outdoor

Finnleo® NSO-46 Outdoor

Serial #: NS46O-3199134
Color: Nordic White Spruce


$1,500 Cash Off!

Why Buy New Over Clearance?

Opting for a brand-new model can offer numerous advantages over clearance clearance models. New models provide access to the latest cutting-edge technology and features, enhancing your overall experience. Moreover, they often come with warranties, ensuring your investment remains protected from unexpected repair costs. Additionally, choosing to buy new allows you to select the perfect model, size, and customization options that align with your unique preferences and needs, ensuring a tailored and satisfying purchase.

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