Kari Campbell, owner of Kari Campbell Interiors, LLC, transformed her unfinished lower level into a well-designed space for her family to enjoy time together and entertaining friends. Its beautiful design inspired many as it was featured in the Parade of Homes Remodelers Showcase last year. Off to the side of the lower level kitchen/bar area, modern black sliding doors with glass windows open into an exercise room with a custom sauna, providing the family an at-home gym & spa. The sauna has become a regular part of their workout routines. Read Kari’s testimonial below about their sauna:

sauna interior: benches and accessories with heater

What motivated you to get a sauna?

My husband grew up with a sauna and loved it so we knew when we finished our unfinished lower level we would include a sauna in the design.

How did you come up with your sauna plan?

We worked with a Sun & Soul dealer (New England Spas) who was very knowledgeable.

How do you use your sauna? 

We use our sauna several times a week. We live in a cold climate 8 months out of the year, so we enjoy using our sauna to warm up, as well as “cool down” after exercising.

What were your thoughts about the sauna design and materials? Did it turn out the way you had expected?

The design and materials were exactly what we were expecting. They are perfect for our needs.

What would you tell someone who is considering a sauna?

We would recommend a Sun & Soul sauna to anyone considering a sauna.