Lorah and Corey, residents of Charlton, MA, just passed their one-year hot tubbing anniversary! Their hot tub from New England Spas was first delivered in November 2021 and since then they’ve enjoyed the benefits of regular hot tub use.

“We always thought that owning a hot tub would be fun, and relaxing, but we didn’t realize all of the benefits we would experience,” said Lorah.

Lorah, an elementary school teacher, has found the mental break from technology that she gets while soaking to be a significant and unexpected benefit.

“It can be difficult to unplug. Especially for millennials, I don’t think we realize how much we subconsciously check our phones. I am always checking email and scrolling through social media and other platforms looking for new lesson plan ideas. I leave my phone inside when I take a soak, and it’s a great mental reboot.”

Corey, a logistics and operations manager for a large company, has found the hydrotherapy and jet massage amazing for relief of aches and pains.

“I am on my feet all day at work and coming home to a soak in the hot tub really eases any aching in my shoulders and lower back.”

Both Lorah and Corey say that they have found falling asleep easier after a nighttime soak.

“I didn’t expect hot tubbing to have any impact on sleep, but Corey and I both fall asleep faster after we’re in the hot tub. I guess it’s because it makes us so relaxed, both physically and mentally,” said Lorah.

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