Everyone that has soaked in a hot tub or used a sauna knows the relaxation and wellbeing benefits, but did you know that using a hot tub or sauna regularly can have a tremendous impact on your health? Additionally, they can provide a big boost to your immune system. Here are some common physical ailments that can be alleviated with regular hot tub and sauna use:

Sleep – One of the biggest reasons people don’t sleep is that their mind won’t shut down. The soothing sounds and feel of hot water/heat therapy calms the mind and body.

Joint Pain – The buoyancy of water takes weight off your joints, and heat can decrease swelling and inflammation while increasing circulation.

Muscle Soreness – The heat from a hot tub or sauna can help unlock and lengthen tight muscles and encourage blood flow. Powerful jet systems massage muscles and alleviate tension.

Stress – Hot tubs and saunas help stress melt away through the power of warmth. Heat brings the nervous system back into balance, helping you manage stress and anxiety. That’s why when people get into a hot tub or sauna the first thing they say is Ahhhhhh.

When it comes down to it, there’s a lot that regular hot tub and sauna use does for your body, but you won’t know how it will work for you until you try it for yourself!