If you want to maintain a clean and healthy hot tub, chemicals are essential. But which among the available options reigns supreme? What should every hot tub owner buy for the cleanest possible tub and water? Here’s a closer look at some of the finest, most efficient chemicals on the market and what makes them so essential to own. You’ll notice that many of these are from our own New England Spas brand! We have our own collection of products that reflect our continuing efforts to be environmentally friendly. We’ve developed products that are effective in keeping water safe and clean, while minimizing harsh chemicals. We also use recycled packaging whenever possible!

Surface Cleanser

Surface Cleaner

Surface cleaners are standard; if you own a hot tub, you probably already have this must-have chemical. They’re best for eliminating surface dirt and stains from your spa shell when you drain your hot tub. You usually don’t need much of it, especially since it can be very concentrated.

Cleaning chemicals work well enough, but whenever you can use something natural in your tub, it’s best to take it. Enter the New England Spas Surface Cleaner, which contains natural enzymes to eat away surface dirt and stains. It’s an excellent alternative to harsh chemicals and still gets the job done.

Plumbing and Equipment Chemical Cleanser

Plumbing and Equipment Chemical Cleanser

Your hot tub filter isn’t the only part of your hot tub that can become caked with biofilm or chemical residue. Every inch of your spa’s plumbing equipment can run into this issue, so having an answer to this problem is essential for keeping your tub in top shape.

The New England Spas Spa Cleanse, much like our unique formula of surface cleaner, takes a natural approach to gently but effectively clean your spa plumbing. This product is much like a deep cleanser, helping to rid your spa of biofilm, corrosive buildup, and more. It’s certainly something you’ll want to add to your arsenal of cleaning options. We recommend you use this annually before draining your spa.

pH Stabilizer

Another environmentally friendly product, New England Spas Silky Smooth should be added each time you refill your spa. Once your pH is in ideal range, add one bottle of Silky Smooth to help stabilize pH, prevent pH drift, and extends sanitizer life. An added bonus – it makes the your water sparkle and your skin feel smooth!

Prevent Mineral Deposits

Mineral Deposit Cleanser

One of the few things not mentioned is how common it is for minerals like copper or iron to be present in the water used to fill your spa. While some chemicals might be able to act as a cleanser that addresses these metals, it’s best to have something formulated explicitly preventing mineral deposits.

The Leisure Time Metal Gon is the perfect match for this. It’s a concentrated formula you use every time you refill your hot tub to proactively and reactively keep mineral deposits at bay and prevent them from depositing on the spa surface and causing stains. Note that, unlike many other cleaners, you’ll likely use an entire bottle every time you switch out your water, so you might want to keep these well-stocked.

Clear Cloudy Water

NES Enzyme 1

To keep your water clear, we recommend using New England Spas Enzyme. Another natural product from the New England Spas collection, Enzyme breaks down oils, lotions, and organic materials that cause odors, scum lines and cloudy water. Apply two ounces weekly for heavy use, or two ounces every other week for light use.

Filter Cleaner

Filter Cleaner

You’re probably aware that your filter keeps your hot tub clean. However, it’s just as important to keep your filter clean so that it can do its work. Filters quickly get bombarded with oil, grease, soap, and dirt from continual use. As such, having a powerful chemical formula to aid in keeping this clean should be one of your top priorities for purchase. 

We love the Leisure Time Filter Clean. It’s a deep cleanser for pleated filters that takes no prisoners. Mix Filter Clean with four gallons of water overnight (we recommend using our Filter Soak Container with locking lid to soak) and then rinse your filter with water (a Filter Flosser makes this part easy) and see the difference! Please Note: Do not use with Disposable MicroClean Filters, Filter Clean is only to be used with pleated filters.

Find Everything You Need at New England Spas

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