What could be more romantic than a soak in the hot tub together? Looking for tips to create the perfect hot tub date? Look no further! Here is a quick guide to help you plan the perfect hot tub date night!


Aromatherapy is sure to set the mood. We carry several fragrance products, like Spazazz crystals that you can add directly to the water, or SunScents (for Sundance Spas). Choose from a variety of scents that are sure to enhance your experience!


Play romantic music to set the mood. You can even create a playlist specifically for this special date night. Choose songs that have special meaning for you and your partner. Play the music softly in the background to ensure that you can still have a conversation.


Many hot tubs have customizable lighting features so you can adjust the lighting in and around your spa and choose the color of light that best enhances the romantic mood. You can also place candles on nearby tables if you’re soaking after dark, or time your soak to enjoy the sunset together.

Other tips:

Have a comfy robe ready for your partner for walking to and from the tub. Have extra towels on hand too. You might even sprinkle rose petals on the path to your spa. Leave your phone and other tech devices away from the spa or at least on silent mode during your date night to avoid being distracted. Allow yourself to be present in the moment and devote all of your attention to your partner. You might prepare a snack to enjoy together as you soak as well. Fruits with high water content like strawberries, grapes, and melons are refreshing while relaxing in the hot water.