Now more than ever, consumers yearn to be eco-conscious and put their money toward products that benefit the environment, but when those same consumers search for sustainable care products for their spas and hot tubs, many notice a hole in the market. 

Therefore, New England Spas (NES) seeks to rectify the issue by offering environmentally friendly water care products that contain the least amount of harsh chemicals possible. Our research into improving our line of green products is ongoing; we’re always searching for new ways to make more environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions that properly cleanse the water, and we avoid using too many harsh chemicals. We even take things further by incorporating recycled materials into our packaging whenever we can.

About Our Water Care Products

Hot tub maintenance is all about ensuring the cleanliness of both your water and tub, but to do that, you need products that work. Many, however, contain harsh chemicals that can be rough on your skin and equally unpleasant for the environment, so when we say we carry a line of eco-friendly water care products, we mean it. You can clean virtually every part of your hot tub using our natural cleaners. 

Here are some highlights that the green-minded homeowner should consider keeping on hand:

NES Spa Enzyme

nes water care products bundle

Our enzyme-based cleanser is perfect for combating non-organic and organic pollutants in your hot tub, which could be anything from oils or lotions from your skin to water and soap scum. The Spa Enzyme cleaning solution is also masterful at ridding your tub of murky or cloudy water, making it look even healthier. We recommend you use it at least every other week or once weekly if you tend to use your hot tub often. 

NES Surface Cleanser

The surface cleanser is specially formulated for the interior of your hot tub or spa after you drain it. A lot of dirt and grime can collect on the tub’s interior surfaces, even if you change the water regularly, so having an enzyme-based cleaner works wonders to eat away at anything left behind. It’s also efficient at removing stubborn stains, making it a must-have for the eco-conscious hot tub owner!

NES Spa Cleanse

It’s crucial to clean your water and the inside of your tub, but consider the plumbing and equipment behind it, too! New England Spas features a special cleaner just for those components that’s efficient at getting rid of biofilm, but it’s also excellent if you use any other cleaners with harsh chemicals to help sanitize your hot tub. Spa Cleanse can break down those chemicals, so there’s nothing but fresh, clean, safe water flowing through your tub’s plumbing.

NES Start Rite Pre-Filter

If you want healthy water, it’s smart to “Start Rite” with our special, sustainable pre-filter, capable of eliminating up to 98% of heavy metals or suspended solids. Buildup from metals or minerals can leave you with discolored water and even a discolored tub over time, but our pre-filter completely transforms murky city or well water into crystal-clear, luxurious bathwater without the use of intense chemicals. 

NES Sanitizer Sidekick

Our Sanitizer Sidekick is packed with silver, carbon, zinc and copper to help keep your hot tub water crystal clear. It also helps reduce the amount or chlorine or bromine needed in regular hot tub maintenance.

NES Silky Smooth

Some of our sustainable products are just as much for you as they are for your hot tub! Our Silky Smooth formula is about keeping your skin soft and refreshed, and as a bonus, it helps stabilize your hot tub water’s pH levels and keep it shimmering! 

New England Spas: Keeping Hot Tubs and Consciences Clean

If our water care products can change the world for the better, then we’ll invest our time in resources into seeing that they do, and we encourage our customers to try these products out for themselves to see just how effective they are at keeping their hot tubs clean and pristine. Contact our team today to learn more about our green initiative and see what else we have in store for you!