When it comes to the pursuit of relaxation, recovery, and overall well-being, there are two hydrotherapy options: hot and cold water, but what are the benefits of each?

In this blog post, we’ll explore the differences to help you discover the perfect aquatic companion for your needs. So let’s dive deep into hydrotherapy!

Cold Plunge Benefits

arctic plunge installed on a wooden deck in a backyard

Cold water therapy or ice baths provide an array of health benefits. These include treating inflammation, muscle soreness, and high blood pressure. People have said that cold water therapy has also improved their mood. 

Cold exposure can significantly increase the production of norepinephrine in the body. The colder the temperature, the more pronounced the body’s response to the increase in norepinephrine production. A 20-30 second immersion in near-freezing water can elicit the same level of increase as a 6-hour walk in 60°F weather.

How Long Should I Use a Cold Plunge Tub?

We recommend starting with a short period of time first, then working your way up to two minutes. Extreme athletes in great health often don’t ever exceed three minutes. Always contact your doctor to verify your health is in good shape before attempting cold water therapy. 

Cold Plunge Tub Cost

At New England Spas, we carry Arctic Plunge Tubs for cold water therapy. These tubs can be installed either indoors or outdoors to fit seamlessly in your space. With a price tag of around $9,900, they offer a relatively affordable option for those looking to incorporate ice baths into their wellness routine. Plus, flexible monthly payment plans are available, making it even more accessible.

Hot Tub Benefits

Warm water massage, also called hydrotherapy, can be restorative and therapeutic. It can help improve sleep, relieve muscle soreness, reduce stress, and relieve symptoms associated with arthritis and back pain. Hydrotherapy also provides a sense of calm and comfort, rejuvenation, and increased energy.

Pair your hot tub soak with aromatherapy and unwind even more with soothing fragrances to aid with sleep and stress. 

How Long Should I Use a Hot Tub?

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 a hot tub

There are no hard and fast rules regarding how much time you should spend in your hot tub, but it’s generally recommended you spend between 15 and 20 minutes. However, you may be able to enjoy a longer soak if the water temperature is on the cool side.

Hot Tub Cost

Sundance® Spas is a reputable brand renowned for producing quality hot tubs which is why we’re proud to offer this brand. These hot tubs can be seamlessly installed both indoors and outdoors so you can choose your ideal hydrotherapy oasis. Sundance® Spas offers a range of hot tub models to fit various budgets. Plus, flexible payment options are available, making it even easier to incorporate a hot tub into your wellness journey. 


Whether you’re looking to soothe sore muscles, improve your recovery, or simply unwind, hydrotherapy is a great solution. 
Are you ready to take the plunge into a hot tub or cold plunge tub? New England Spas is here for you. We’re proud dealers of Sundance® Spas and Arctic Plunge Tubs. We have a knowledgeable staff ready to answer any questions you may have about each. You can even book a wet test to try one out for yourself! Give us a call today or visit any one of our showrooms.