Your hot tub is a retreat, a place of solace and relaxation, but the wintertime can cause some anxiety if your hot tub malfunctions. There is the potential for freeze damage during the coldest months if your hot tub is not heating and the water is not circulating for too long. Enter The Spa Dragon – a device that can be installed in your hot tub cabinet to ensure that your spa remains safe and operational, no matter the season.

Equipped with patented monitoring and Thermal Backup Protection, The Spa Dragon acts as a proactive shield against freeze damage. Constantly vigilant, it monitors your hot tub’s water temperature. Should a malfunction cause a drop in temperature, The Spa Dragon leaps into action, activating the heater to prevent freezing-induced damage.

With its user-friendly design, The Spa Dragon includes a visual indicator: a steady green light for normal operation and a flashing red light to indicate activation. It’s a straightforward and reassuring way to monitor your hot tub’s status. The Spa Dragon is plugged in separately from your hot tub so it will work even if the breaker to your hot tub trips.

Moreover, The Spa Dragon ensures you’re always in the loop, regardless of your location. If the heater is activated, it can send notifications via email or text to you, and your neighbors, family, or friends—anyone you designate. This ensures timely action to address any issues, even when you’re away.

But The Spa Dragon doesn’t stop there. It grants you control over your hot tub’s maintenance, even during winter. Need to change the water when it’s cold outside? No problem. The heater function allows you to warm the tub cavity, simplifying water changes regardless of the weather.

No longer do you have to worry about your hot tub’s safety during winter or restrict your enjoyment due to weather concerns. The Spa Dragon liberates you to indulge in your hot tub experience, knowing it’s safeguarded and at your service whenever you desire.

So don’t delay – embrace the tranquility and convenience The Spa Dragon brings to your hot tub experience. With its vigilant monitoring and communication capabilities, your hot tub remains a sanctuary of relaxation no matter the season.

Schedule a service visit to have a New England Spas technician install your new Spa Dragon and bid adieu to the stress of winter-related hot tub worries.