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Sales FAQs

Yes, we refer all our clients to Brian Bradley Electric to perform hot tub wiring and starting up the spa on site.

Some models can run on 110v, others require 220v with either a 50 or 60 amp breakers. We can evaluate your house supply at no charge.

While this will vary based on the size of the spa, the usage and the coldness of the winter.

Some models are available for 110 plug in. This may still require an electrician to run a separate line at the correct amperage.

Unlike a vehicle, you don’t need to have your spa “serviced” often. Proper water and filter maintenance will help prevent service requirements in itself.

Click here for our Water Care FAQ.

Pricing will vary depending on availability, accessories, and promotions.  Our spas range from $10k to $28k. We recommend speaking to a hot tub consultant to determine what options may be of interest to you and discuss model selection. You can make a Showroom Appointment, or shop in the convenience of your own home with a Free In-Home Consultation.

Yes, to qualified buyers. You can submit an online financing application to see how much you are qualified for.

We have a full service team of factory certified technicians. We not only service the brands we sell but also many other brands.

It will draw more energy to drop the temperature and then raise it back up when you’re ready. We recommend keeping your hot tub at a consistent temperature. The insulation of the hot tub will keep the hot tub from constantly needing the hot tub to be heated.

No, much less! Principles are similar but its much easier to care for 500 gallons of water versus 30,000 gallons of water. Plus the reward is 365 days a year of enjoyment! There is required maintenance for hot tubs on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. New England Spas does its best to simplify the water care schedule for you. We also offer Valet services to care for your hot tub on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. We also offer “Drain, Clean, and Refills” which is part of the quarterly maintenance.

That will vary depending on your usage of the hot tub.

Our Elemental Water Care Program makes it easy to maintain your hot tub. Click here to download a PDF version.

Yes and No. Our delivery team members will bring the hot tub to its final location, install any accessories purchased with the new hot tub, and show you basic operating instructions. The hot tub can be filled with use of a regular garden hose and easily done by the consumer. You will acquire all necessary water care supplies (preferably before delivery) along with an in store water care lesson to be ready for your start up. If you use our recommended electrician Brian Bradley Electrical then he will fill and add the “start up” chemicals for you prior to leaving your property. We also have a Valet team who you can hire to do this process for you.

Our team will deliver your hot tub to its final location without additional charge providing that the spa is not:

  • going on a deck (railing must be removed) higher than 3 feet
  • going over retaining walls with no other access to the property for safe delivery
  • going down or up very drastic slopes in the landscapes
  • We ask that our clients take snap shots of the “delivery route” (video is even better) they would like us to take to get the hot tub to its final location so we can determine best equipment to bring, how many team members are needed for the delivery, if the use of a crane would be necessary to make the delivery happen. We offer a free site evaluation in the event that there is an area in question at the location or if you would like to ensure delivery could be possible.

    Most ordered spas will take 6-8 weeks to arrive in. If a model is in stock then delivery can be super quick.

    Warranty will differ between each tier of each brand. Our middle and top tier spas offer a 5 year warranty on parts and components while the entry level hot tubs carry a two year warranty on parts and components.

    A well maintained hot tub can last in the upwards of 10-15 years. We can educate you as to how to prolong the life of your hot tub.

    Some hot tubs while cheaper online (or in stores such as Costco or Home Depot) initially end up costing consumers more month to month (as well as in the long run) because of having inefficient insulation, pump operation, and weaker components.

    The middle and top tier offer more features like variety of types of jets (giving different types of massage), upgrades in lighting and maintenance, than that of an entry level hot tub. They also carry a longer warranty.

    We pride ourselves on being New England’s most successful hot tub dealer that has been in business for over 30 years. Our total focus is hot tubs and Saunas. Our business is fully committed to all things hot tubs! Our staff is fully (and factory) trained – giving you the most knowledgeable team to help with water care and service issues. We are Home Relaxation Specialists. Our Team delivers an extraordinary experience by providing the highest quality products and services that create enthusiastic customers.

    Sundance Spas, the brand that we sell, is the premier hot tub brand. These spas are highly rated in the industry, and have a solid reputation for reliability. These spas last longer, run better, and give you optimal hydro-therapy.

    Mostly synthetic wood and acrylic.

    Some of our models are manufactured in California, others in Mexico.

    There are many different color combinations between the interior and exterior options. This will vary between brands but most have very close or common colors you can select from. We can bring samples of the options so you can “shop at home”.

    These units are self contained and require no outside plumbing. The spa will need to be wired electrically. We recommend using Brian Bradley Electric for any electrical set up with our hot tubs as he has performed thousands of installations, as well as fill and start your hot tub up for your first plunge.

    You will not need a permit for a hot tub. All hot tubs come with a key operated, ASTM safety rated locking cover which puts it in a separate category from a pool. You will need an electrical permit for the power going to the hot tub. You may need to consult your town or city in the event that you have plans to build an enclosure or decking.

    A great way to navigate through models and what will work best in your home is through a free site evaluation. One of our staff members will come out to your home (via appointment setting) and help you work with sizes and measurements. We can also help determine if you have the proper spot for the tub of your choice.

    We recommend 3 feet of unobstructed access to the hot tub panels in the event you need service. We do not recommend you put the hot tub up against any walls or unmovable fixtures. There are many clients that put their spa in a deck. For this application we recommend making removable deck panels to give us access to the sides of the hot tub if needed. Our consultants can help you and your builder construct a suitable setting.

    The platform for the hot tub should be solid, rigid, and level. The typical weight load is 80-100 lbs per square foot. Some clients use pavers, framed timbers with crushed stone, or cement pads. We also offer a sample inexpensive solution called the SmartDeck which comes in 2’x2’ squares. We can offer you a free site evaluation to look at the best material to use for your hot tub platform. Click here for more information and to see examples of our installations.

    Our spas are portable and can withstand the outside elements. Some clients do put these inside their homes but the size of the spa will dictate whether this is possible or not. We can offer you a free site evaluation to look at the best location for your hot tub. We recommend using the hot tub outdoors so you can more fully connect with nature!

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