Winter FAQ

Winter FAQ

My hot tub is not heating, should I drain it?

If your hot tub is not heating, has lost power, or has a leak, do not drain the spa. There is a high chance of encountering a potential freeze situation which may damage the hot tub’s components, or rupture its plumbing, and is not covered by warranty. We recommend placing a (UL listed) space heater (with independent heat and fan controls) in your equipment area if possible.  Set the heater to LOW HEAT, HIGH FAN to circulate warm air on the spas’ equipment. Make sure not to place the space heater in direct contact with, or up against, any equipment, wires, or surfaces to avoid potential damage. The fan should be facing towards the components. If the cabinet door cannot fit back on the hot tub, we recommend tenting the cabinet door against the equipment area then wrapping a tarp around the equipment door (both sides) to keep as much heat inside as possible. Avoid lifting your cover regularly to keep the water as hot as possible. If your spa is equipped with a circulation pump, we recommend increasing the circulation settings to be more frequent to move the water through the system. 

Can I drain and refill my hot tub in the winter months?

We do not recommend draining and refilling your hot tub once the weather has consistently been under 35 degrees. There is a high chance of encountering a potential freeze situation which may damage the hot tubs’ components and is not covered by warranty. If you absolutely need to drain and refill, plan to do so when the weather breaks and it’s a warmer day. Make sure to reference our Winter Filling Procedure.

What should I do if I want to empty my hot tub for the winter?

If winterizing the hot tub: follow detailed steps in Owner’s Manual or contact our store for assistance. Damage caused to your spa by improper winterizing is NOT covered by your spas’ warranty. New England Spas offers a Winterizing and Un-Winterizing service. As the months get colder NES may not be able to complete this service. We recommend you consider and schedule a call prior to November 30th.